Welcome to AudicomPendax                   

Welcome to AudicomPendax

Stylish, affordable and easy-to-use meeting rooms!

Based on each organization's unique working methods and expectations, we design meeting rooms that meet the demands of the future by integrating interior design and new technologies with our unique products, solutions and services.

Installationfree or traditional installation?

We have developed our unique range of installation free products to meet the new requirements of the market, with the ability to make fast internal premises changes, more efficient digital workflows, wireless connections, and not least new educational learning methods.

The total investment compared to traditional AV installation reduces the cost by at least 50%, so it's a matter of course to look at the installation-free concept before deciding whether to have a traditional installation or installation-free solutions in your office / meeting environment or maybe a mix of both. Whatever you choose, we offer both possibilities, and we're alone, do not hesitate to compare which one is best and most cost effective for your organization.

Please contact us with your questions and feedback at contact@aupx.com or 0118 966 8383.


Meeting room as a service?

If you want easy-to-use functional meeting rooms, avoid the investment, always know what it costs and spread the cost over time, we offer meeting rooms as a service. Our meeting room service includes a complete solution including service, support and insurance.

It is safe for you as a customer to know that we are certified for both quality and the environment according to the latest standard for ISO 9001 or ISO 14001.